Indirect sales.
Our website generates sales leads on a daily basis. These may become indirect sales by using our affiliate network. If we receive a lead from a customer in an area, where we have a partner representative, we pass it on to that partner.

Competitive margins
Our partners enjoy higher margins compared with other typical margins in the industry. The better the conversion rate of leads to transactions and the larger the volume of transactions, the better the terms and conditions.

Sales Support
As partners, you can benefit from our professionals, engineering and marketing professionals. We are fully motiveted to support and assist at every stage of your sale process, from initial negotiation through pricing policy, to technical support and project management.

Vocational training
We have the means and tools to provide our partners with extensive training in the practical application of our products, both in technical and commercial aspects.

We dedicate budgets and resources for affiliate marketing. We are involved in regional marketing activities, with the understanding that integrating the effort brings results.

Incentive program
We will help you to drive your marketing and sales activities through a periodic incentive program. Our ambition is to promote you and your people to your full potential.

Join our partners network program.

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