• GreenDuct Brochure- High efficiency flexible duct
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  • AF-960 - Patented Semi-Rigid Aluminum flexible duct
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  • GLV Products - High resolution marketing poster
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  • Pressure Loss Diagram
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Installation instructions

  • Duct Connector Kit
  • Quadriflex SPace Saver
  • Burn Test - GLV Flexible Multi-layer Dryer Duct
  • How to do a back to back offset installation
  • How to attach the duct to the dryer outlet
  • How to make the duct fit an oval outlet
  • How to measure the length need
  • How to make an Elbow
  • How tight can you make the duct ?
  • Installation of wide mount vent kit
  • Installation of wide mouth vent kit
  • Installation of louvered kit
  • Installation of semi rigid duct with collars
  • Installation of semi rigid space saving duct
  • Installation of semi rigid duct for dryer venting
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